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Steven returned to music after a period of ill health, leaving his well established career in the leisure industry.  Determined to seek out his childhood dream of becoming a full time percussionist he headed back to practice and academia.  Six years later he now has a bachelors degree, masters degree and is a PhD scholar at Leeds University.  He is percussion tutor at both Durham and Newcastle University and has performed hundreds of solo concerts throughout the UK.

This Album of music marks the TRANSFORMATION of his life, with the hope that his story will inspire others to seek out their dreams. All money raised will be used to develop music facilities for his students and musicians in his community.  His hope is to raise enough money to purchase a grand piano to help create more recordings in the future.

The 28 track album can be purchased from £6.00, however if you would like to pay more and support Steven further, then all donations will be greatly appreciated.

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