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Steven has received praise at hundreds of solo concerts throughout the UK and continues to develop and share new and exciting percussion music.  His online profile as a solo artist has developed rapidly over the last few years with thousands of people following his online performances throughout the world.    He has performed and recorded various concertos during this time with orchestra's and ensembles in the North East of England.  As principal percussionist for championship section Easington Colliery brass band he has performed throughout the UK at various venues and competitions including the National Championships at the Albert Hall.

As a tutor Steven owns his own music school in Blyth, managing the music education of students learning a wide range of instruments.  Steven has been appointed as percussion tutor for both Durham University and Newcastle University, he is a visiting lecturer for the University of Leeds and has provided masterclasses at various other institues throughout the UK .

In 2023 Steven was appointed as president for the UK chapter of the 'Percussive Arts Society'.  Steven has developed a new website ( and will be developing various percussion events in the UK over coming years.

Academic Development and Research

In 2019 he completed his Bachelor Degree in performance, receiving a 1st class honours degree from Wolverhampton University, alongside the award for best music performance.  Realising how much he enjoyed developing his performance skills, he moved to Leeds University to continue his academic skills.  Steven completed his Masters degree in performance in 2021 with distinction and was presented the student award for outstanding achievement.  Inspired by the researching performance elements in Leeds, Steven now continues his research to complete his PhD.

The Marimba is a relatively young instrument when comparing to instruments such as the Piano or Violin.  Therefore the instruments repertoire and techniques are developing constantly, making it an incredibly exciting time to be a percussionist.  

Stevens research looks at the 'Transcription and Performance of Baroque Harpsichord on Marimba' developing a transcription process, performance techniques and a new range of repertoire.  His hope is to share his research and music with the world and inspire performers to develop the instrument further.

Music School

Steven opened his own Yamaha music school in January of 2024 offering tuition on percussion.  The school offers amazing facilities with several tutors offering lessons on a range of instruments.  The School also has its own concert hall, providing afternoon and evening concerts from professional musicians.  Discover more about 'Yamaha Music School Northumberland' by clicking the link below.

Crohns Disease

At the age of 37, the diagnosis of Crohns disease led Steven to move away from the busy leisure industry and return to his career in music.  This incurable disease has caused Steven to require three major surgeries, spending a great deal of time in intensive care.  Whilst Steven's disease is currently stable, it effects his life daily.  Every day, people are diagnosed with Crohn's or Colitis, the two main forms of inflammatory bowel disease. You could be any age, rich or poor, of any faith or none, of any ethnicity, sexuality, or gender.

Crohns is an inflammatory bowel disease, causing painful sores (ulcers) and inflammation in the gut.  This is a lifelong conditions, which means you will always have it.  But that doesn’t mean you will always feel unwell. Treatment like medicines and surgery can help you feel a lot better.  Since Steven was diagnosed he has moved through a range of mediations and had several surgeries.  There have been times where he has been unable to do anything due to pain and fatigue.  Steven is a big believer that this disease is not going to define who he is and with support from great family and friends has continued to follow his path towards his dream. Others do not have such strong support and need help from others

Whoever you are, a diagnosis of Crohn's or Colitis will be life changing.  Since 1979, Crohn's & Colitis UK has been here for everyone affected by Crohn's and Colitis.  This amazing charity is ran purely on donations and volunteer work.  If you would like to find out more or donate to this charity, please click on the link below.

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